There are many innovative ideas out there that you could consider in case you want to venture into business. One of the opportunities that you could consider is frozen yogurt franchises. Frozen yogurt franchises are growing n popularity mainly because they are a low-cost investment and the industry has a great potential for growth. Frozen yogurt franchises present an exciting option as it is an industry that is growing very fast. The rapid growth can be attributed to the consumers' desire to consume healthier desserts and products that are innovative. The consolidation of many chains has seen the increase in demand for frozen yogurt and has created many investment opportunities for potential entrepreneurs.


The frozen yogurt industry provides a wide variety of flavors, and it is in high demand among consumers.  Statistics show that almost 80% of American customers prefer frozen yogurt to other frozen treats including ice cream and gelato. The young adult female is the average consumer of frozen yogurt. It is popular with customers between the ages of 18 and 35, but women make up a high percentage of the industry's revenue. Read on and learn how to open a frozen yogurt business.


The competition for frozen yogurt mainly comes from ice cream, but it has the edge over ice cream as people consider it the healthier alternative. Candy outlets, coffee shops, smoothie chains and chocolatiers also give frozen yogurt franchises competition. The good thing about frozen yogurts is that it is relatively cheap and you can enjoy a scoop. To be sure, the frozen yogurt is crowded with suppliers. Therefore, to above the rest of the pack, you have to provide a unique experience in terms of the flavors that you offer, your customer service and offers to the clients.If you want to learn more about frozen yogurt franchising, you can visit


If you have an interest in starting froyo franchises, there are some crucial considerations that you should bear in mind. Since frozen yogurt is considered a healthier alternative to ice cream and other frozen products, it is important to focus on producing healthier frozen yogurt by using natural and more wholesome ingredients and a production process that ensures that the yogurt remains natural.



In the recent past, the focus has shifted to providing self-service offerings. More than half of the stores in the United States use this model. There has also been a growing trend of providing unique and unusual flavor combinations with creative toppings. You could also consider offering tart flavors as they have been highly popular competing with ice cream and even being a favorite than the traditional sweet varieties.